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The Chairman
Jamia Hind
A 14-15-16, Paryavaran Complex,
New Delhi – 110030


Tel. : +91-11-29533801, +91-11-29533830,
Mobile : 9999833886
Email : [email protected]
Training Methodology at Jamia Hind
Jamia Hind believes in the four C's in curriculum planning
Cooperative A programme prepared jointly by a group of persons is more effective than one prepared by a single person.

Continuous The preparation of a programme is not a one-shot operation. In planning, provision is made for its continuous revision.

Comprehensive In an approach which accepts the interaction of all the programme components, must be defined with the requisite precision.

Concrete General and abstract considerations are not a sufficient basis for drawing up a programme. Concrete professional tasks must constitute the essential structure of the programme.
  Email : [email protected]

History and Background
Jamia Hind (JH) was inaugurated by Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai, Governor of Bihar in December 1997 at India International Centre, New Delhi in the presence of Dr. P R Trivedi, Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, Shri K N Sudarshan and Shri Dinesh Kumar.
During the past 22 years, Jamia Hind has been engaged in designing more than 100 courses by establishing a separate Instructional Material Preparation and Research Team (IMPART) for catering to the needs of different institutions in India and in other countries with a view to vocationalising the existing careers and occupations.


  The Environment at Jamia Hind
l encourages trainees to be active
emphasizes the personal nature of learning
accepts that difference is desirable
recognises student's right to make mistakes
tolerates imperfection
encourages openness of mind and trust in self
makes feel respected and accepted
facilitates discovery
puts emphasis on self evaluation in cooperation
l permits confrontation of ideas

Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai, Governor of Bihar inaugurating Jamia Hind in December 1997 at India International Centre, New Delhi in the presence of Dr. P R Trivedi,
Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, Shri K N Sudarshan and Shri Dinesh Kumar.


  Training Philosophy at Jamia Hind
Jamia Hind's approach to training is to help the participants to:

acquire, retain and be able to use knowledge
understanding, analyse, synthesize and evaluate
achieve skills
establish habits
develop attitudes

Training Approach at Jamia Hind
talk to students
talk with students
have them talk together
supervise them
provide opportunities for practice

Learning at Jamia Hind
is primarily controlled by the learner
is unique and individual
is affected by the total state of the learner
is cooperative and collaborative
is an evolutionary process
is a consequence of experience
is not directly observable
is both an emotional and intellectual process

Multi-Media Teaching Techniques at Jamia Hind
Virtual Education
On-line Education
Self-Instructional e-Learning
Web Based Training
Small Group Activities
Practical Work
Field Work
Books and Handouts
Programmed Learning
Flannel Board
Still Pictures
Slides and Film Strips
Video Films
Open Circuit T.V.
Closed Circuit T.V.
Real Objects and Specimens
Models and Simulation Devices
Graphics and Posters
Paintings and Photography
Blackboard and Flipcharts


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